A little about PURNAA...


At PURNAA, we are passionate about the ethical manufacturing of high quality garments.  We create value for our customers, make PURNAA a great place for our employees to work, and prioritize environmental sustainability throughout our manufacturing process.  As a social enterprise, our business is a force for change, improving lives and communities locally and globally.  

Ethical Garment Manufacturers in Nepal

PURNAA produces high quality garments, primarily women's wear and children's wear and textile-based decorative accessories in our beautiful, not-a-sweatshop, manufacturing unit. As a full service company we have the capability to expertly draft and grade patterns, source fabric, cut, sew, trim, label and package your products and ship them to your doorstep. Read more about PURNAA's manufacturing capabilities here.


Our Customers

Our customers are designers and brands that rightfully insist on ethical manufacturing. They know that fashion can be a powerful force for change. By manufacturing with Purnaa, they are an integral part of Purnaa's social mission to restore and improve the lives of those exploited or at risk in poverty-stricken communities in Nepal. 

A Social Enterprise  

At PURNAA, we are on a mission: to empower individuals and communities to become whole and complete, free from the enslaving cycle of poverty. We do this by creating job opportunities for those whose marginalized status in society would otherwise prevent them from getting work.  As a social enterprise, we make this mission our top priority, re-investing our profits to further PURNAA's social impact.